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Tel Aviv University combines the rigours of a demanding academic standard with the pleasures of an exciting, beach-front, international city.

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Pottery Restoration Lab

The Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University is a self-sufficient research facility with a large staff that provides the administrative and scientific assistance as well as the technical facilities necessary to carry out independent archaeological projects & has contributed to a better understanding of the archaeology and historical-geography of biblical Israel.

The Institute’s research facilities include the archaeozoology, archaeobotany, petrography and metallurgy laboratories. These analyze and evaluate non-artifactual data, which supplement the socioeconomic picture of ancient communities provided by artifactual records. In addition, the services of a pottery restoration workshop, a photography studio and a graphics department are available to the field archaeologists.

Students Say:

“I came to TAU for my Masters in Archaeology. It is a world renown program, ranked in the top 10 globally, and it shows. You learn from the top professors in the field, and get experience working on actual archaeological digs, even beyond those planned by the program. There is space to grow and find your niche in a fraternal environment. The campus of TAU is great, located in North Tel Aviv in an upscale neighborhood. The graduate dorms are apartment style and single occupancy, and the facilities are great. ” Brett Cohen, USA

Course Goals:

  • To publish the technical details of discoveries of enrollees in a fashion that best serves the community of archaeological scholars
  • To introduce undergraduate and graduate students to the archaeological methods and history of the southern Levant
  • To demonstrate the value of cultural and historical research to the study of the history of the Bible through a partnership with the Museum of the Bible
  • To develop innovative ways of sharing the history of the excavation sites with students, teachers and the general public in the Jezreel Valley and throughout the world
A Very Hands-on Approach to Learning
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For complete information describing course materials, costs, travel, security and other arrangements at TAU please click: ARCHAEOLOGY HANDBOOK  
Students can inquire about  financial support in Canada  or in the U.S.

Outstanding Campus Facilities

TAU offers facilities that compare favourably with the most modern, and comprehensive anywhere. Students come from all over the world to study here

We are here:

Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv, Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel