Study Archaeology in Israel

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study archaeology in IsraelArchaeology summer courses in English are offered at universities in Israel. The programs provide classroom and extensive field instruction.  The courses are detailed, hands-on studies of the archaeology and history of ancient Israel, Israel’s neighboring countries and their millennia long past. Taught in Israel’s foremost education institutions, the programs are unique in all the world. Students from across the globe study the archaeology and history of the Land of the Bible IN the Land of the Bible.

Program Highlights

Geographic Location

Since the dawn of civilization Israel has stood at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Few other places in the world offer  the range of eras to explore by  looking underground and underwater.
Divinity students of all faiths have the unique opportunity of exploring Biblical references in the very places where Biblical events actually took place.

study archaeology in IsraelStaff 

Program staff are world-renowned archaeological scholars working in Israel’s most prestigious educational institutions. The staff are highly trained with an unusual combination of academic knowledge, practical experience and ancient language skills. The staff includes French, Israeli and American archaeologists.


Archaeology is the only field of research that has a method and theory for collecting and interpreting information about the human prehistoric past. This explains the priority placed on practical fieldwork. Considerable time will be spent in the field on digs, enabling students to gain first-hand knowledge and skills on-site.

Courses train students in methods and practices of modern, Near Eastern field archaeology. Specific sites and the larger region of Israel will be case studies. Courses will enable a student to acquire and develop the skills required for proper stratigraphic excavation and technical archaeological recording. In addition to field skills, research questions and excavation strategies will be used to help students contextualize the work done on-site.  Emphasis is placed on basic and advanced field technique and strategy, stratigraphic analysis, documentation, and chronological tools. Students will gain these skills from lecture presentations, workshops and hands-on experience as they participate in primary research.

Course Credits

Israeli universities have course credit exchange agreements with numerous universities around the world. Study archaeology in Israel; get credit for the course at your own university.

Financial Support

Bursaries and/or scholarships are typically available for North American students studying in Israel. 


 For complete information describing course materials, costs, financial support, travel, security and other arrangements unpack the  information on the other pages in this section.

Help Others

If you can’t attend these courses yourself  consider financial support to students who would. Donation opportunities are described on the following pages also.