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Jerusalem University College / Institute of Holy Land Studies is an autonomous Christian institution functioning in Israel under the regulations of the status quo provisions for church-state relations designated by the Ottoman Empire and handed on by the British Mandate to the newly formed state of Israel in 1948.

As such, it participates in all of the academic approval and recognition that it can receive under Israeli law as a Christian university-level school operating in Israel. In addition, Jerusalem University College is recognized through accreditation and affiliative relationships in North America and Asia.

JUC operates in Israel under the name Institute of Holy Land Studies (machon amerikai leheqer eretz hatzvi) and is recognized in Israel by the Ministry of Interior’s Department Religious Communities, as well as by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an independent, degree-granting, Christian school of higher education. As such, it functions with the approval of the Israeli government.

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Students Say:

“.My time at JUC instilled in me a passion to study the Bible within its historical and geographical context. The education I received was an excellent foundation for my Ph.D. studies as well as my current research. Now that I am a professor, I hope that I am instilling in my students this same passion.”

Dr. Steven M. Ortiz


The M.A. in Biblical History and Geography is designed to provide our graduates with a core understanding of the historical and physical realities of the land of the Bible, while allowing the flexibility necessary for individual students to pursue their own interests within the field. By learning how to identify and analyse relevant points of data, our students become proficient in “reading” the land, becoming better exegetes of ancient texts in the process.

By carefully choosing elective courses, our students are able to plan programs of study that emphasize history, geography, and archaeology during either the Old or New Testament periods.

Unique Opportunities

Students enrolled in the M.A. in Biblical History and Geography have ample opportunity to draw upon the rich resources of Jerusalem and the lands of the Bible. By studying under leading Jewish and Christian scholars in Jerusalem, our students are exposed to the current flow of scholarly discussions and keep abreast of recent discoveries in the field.

Numerous field studies provide our students with a first-hand understanding of the geographical and historical issues that underlie the ancient—and modern—histories of the lands of the Bible. By participating in archaeological surveys and excavations, students are exposed to ancient material cultures and the methodology of fieldwork.

Students enrolled in the degree program may also become involved with local cultures such as the Palestinian, Bedouin, and Druze communities, which in significant ways continue to reflect the lifestyles, ways of thinking, interrelationships, and ethnic movements of biblical times.

A Very Hands-on Approach to Learning
The Land as Study Focus and Classroom

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