Kenyon, Kathleen Mary

Dame Kathleen Mary Kenyon, 1906-1978

As a member of the Council of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, Dame Kenyon was involved in the efforts to reopen the School after WWII. In January, 1951 she travelled to Jordan and undertook excavations at Jericho on behalf of the BSAJ. Her work at Jericho, between 1952 until 1958, made her famous. There she made ground-breaking discoveries concerning the Neolithic cultures of the Levant. In this period also she completed the publication of the excavations at Samaria. Samaria Sebaste III: The Objects, appeared in 1957. Then, from 1961 to 1967 she excavated in Jerusalem.

Category: 1948 – 1980
Tags: The Palestine Exploration Fund,Jericho
Historical Research Focus: Late Bronze (LB) 1500 BC – 1200 BC
Material Composition: Pottery