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Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the finest research institutions in the world. Numerous Nobel Prizes and other international awards for excellence have been awarded for the work done here.
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Intensive Research:

“Since its creation as the Department of Archaeology, the Institute has been involved in many major archaeological endeavors and interdisciplinary research programs in addition to its role as a teaching and training institution. Excavations at major prehistoric and historic sites have shaped many of the current paradigms in Israeli archaeology and contributed to a better understanding of past human behavior.Many of the excavations conducted by Institute members are reported and published in the Institute’s Qedem series.
Restoration & Conservation Laboratory
  • Prehistoric Archaeology

  • Biblical Archaeology

  • Classical Archaeology

  • Comutational Archaeology Laboratory

  • Restoration & Conservation Laboratory

  • Laboratory for Archaeological Materials & Ancient Technologies

  • Medieval Islamic archaeology

  • Civilizations of the Ancient Near East.

A Very Hands-on Approach to Learning

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For complete information describing course materials, costs, travel, security and other arrangements at Hebrew University please click: Archaeological Field Schools 

Financial Support
If you can’t attend these courses yourself please provide financial support to Canadian students at Hebrew U or American students at Hebrew U.

Outstanding Campus Facilities

Hebrew University offers facilities that compare favourably with the most modern, and comprehensive anywhere. Students come from all over the world to study here

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