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The Zinman Archaeological Institute

The Zinman Archaeological Institute is the leading institution in its field in the North of Israel. Institute researchers have been working since its establishment on excavations and surveys of Mount Carmel, the northern coast of Israel, the Jezreel Valley, and the Galilee Mountains. In addition to work in the field, research is carried out in the library and in the Institute’s various laboratories. The chronological framework of the Institute’s activity includes the Prehistoric periods, the Biblical period of the Bronze and Iron Ages, the Classical period, covering the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras, the Early Arab periods and finally the Middle Ages.

study archaeology in Israel
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Setting & Goals:

Both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a biosphere reserve, the Mount Carmel area reveals a nearly 500,000 year-long sequence of human evolution exposed in caves, rock shelters and open-air sites along mountain valleys and the nearby coastal plain. Unlike any other region in the world, Mount Carmel’s key sites, such as the Tabun and Skhul caves, preserve evidence of both modern human and Neanderthal populations, at sites less than 100 meters from each other. As such, situated atop the Carmel Mountain, Haifa University provides students with an ideal setting for the study of Prehistoric Archaeology and an invaluable opportunity to take part in field research all over Israel’s historic landscape.


Laboratory of Palynology
Laboratory of Petrography
Laboratory of Archaeozoology
Laboratory for Groundstone Research
Use-Wear Analysis Laboratory
Conservation Laboratory
Photogrammetry Laboratory
The Analytical Laboratory for Archaeological Materials
Zinman Institute if Archaeology

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study archaeology in Israel

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