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The German Protestant Institute of Archaeology

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum

The SBF is a pontifical faculty that offers courses leading to both the licentiate (S.S.L.) and the doctoral (S.S.D.) degrees in Biblical Sciences and Archaeology. The program of studies leading to the licentiate includes two semesters of propaedeutic studies and five regular semesters. The program of studies leading to the doctoral degree requires four additional semesters and the writing of a dissertation.

Other programs of studies lead to diplomas in Oriental Biblical Studies and Archaeology and in Biblical Formation. Each involves two semesters of studies. The SBF offers the student the unique opportunity for a direct, personal, and extended study of the Bible in its cultural context.

The usual language of instruction for most courses is Italian, but for written essays and dissertations other languages are accepted. At the time of registration students are expected to show a sufficient knowledge of Italian to be verified by a specific certificate or by an oral conversation.